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“Celebrating 15 years in business”

Reliable Fulfillment, Shipping, & Logistics is Our Mission

Precision Total Fulfillment Inc. (Precision) provides secure warehousing, professional product assembly, custom packaging and reliable order shipment to satisfy the 3rd party fulfillment needs of businesses across North America. If you have been searching for a reliable “one stop shop,” look no further.

To provide you with complete solution, we offer product marketing & promotion services, order management, ecommerce & integration services, client care and loyalty support and co packing services. There are many logistics companies in Toronto but you canʼt take a chance with your 3pl logistics and fulfillment needs. You need a dependable partner that has the experience to help your company grow.

Finding the right Fulfillment Partner that Gives You More Value for Your 3PL Investment

Whatever the scope or complexity of your order, Precision strives to exceed clients’ expectations by providing high-quality integrated distribution solutions at competitive prices. Our experienced team is always on location to trouble-shoot issues and make informed decisions, ensuring the safety of your products and the success of your project.

Precision maintains a wide presence enabling us to execute projects of varying sizes across North America. You can count on Precision to provide reliable, efficient and comprehensive product assembly, packaging, storage and delivery solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

A true “one stop shop,” the Precision team offers integrated outsourcing services thereby reducing clients’ logistical and coordination issues, increasing project cost-effectiveness and ensuring deadlines are always met. Precision’s “Boots on the Ground” policy ensures that our team is always on location, committed to regularly communicating with you about all matters pertaining to the progress of your project.

Located in Woodbridge by the major highways, we are conveniently positioned for businesses looking for distribution companies in Mississauga and logistics companies in Toronto.

Dedicated to delivering your products securely, our experienced team takes all the safety precautions necessary. Comprised of industry experts, the Precision team uses state-of-the-art technology and best business practices to ensure deadlines are met without compromising product safety. Let Precision give you the peace of mind that your customers will receive their deliveries seamlessly.

We are Precision – it’s what we do ... it’s who we are.