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Fulfillment Partner

Finding a Fulfillment Partner that Gives You More Value for Your 3PL Investment

Fulfilling an order might be your company’s most important function. It completes the sales cycle and, if it is not done well, it becomes more difficult to keep the sales cycle going, which could affect your supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing, bottom line, etc..

At first, it might seem odd to hand such an important part of your business over to a third party. But, when you look at the advantages of doing so, it makes perfect sense to hire a specialist to manage the logistics and execution of your shipping and fulfillment requirements.

  • Focus on Your Business – When you connect with the right fulfillment partner, you open up resources within your company to devote to sales, marketing, manufacturing – whatever it is that you do best.
  • Reduce Costs – Some might consider it an extra cost to outsource their third party logistics. But many companies don’t measure the real cost of keeping fulfillment in-house, including downtime, maintaining tracking systems, vehicle costs, labour, etc.. The better partner will help you reduce a wider variety of costs.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Retention – This is the real reason you would choose a fulfillment partner: to improve your order fulfillment so your customers are happier and your sales increase. The fulfillment partner you choose needs to understand the role customer satisfaction plays in improving your sales.

How can they do it? When you look at the list above, it seems difficult to find a third-party fulfillment service capable of meeting such a wide range of crucial requirements.

Precision Total Fulfillment – it’s what we do … it’s who we are

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Why Choose Precision Total Fulfillment?

Precision prides itself in being the “one stop shop” for all your order fulfillment needs, including:

  • Secure Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Professional Product Assembly
  • Custom Packaging
  • Reliable Order Shipment
  • Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

But You Need More – Added Value Fulfillment Services

Marketing & Promotion – Expand and build your base of loyal clients with Precision’s suite of marketing and promotion services using DRTV, mail, email, SMS messaging and mobile advertising that captivate your customers and build brand trust.

Transaction Services – Give your customers the convenience of ordering your products online, using a branded, up-to-date, engaging ecommerce storefront. You can also take advantage of multichannel (web, phone, fax, chat, EDI etc.) ordering in addition to outbound sales support.

Customer Care & Support – Every interaction your company has with your clients leaves an impression, good or bad, that affects your reputation. Precision takes time to understand your campaigns and support requirements and ensures they are staffed with qualified professionals that understand your product and support objectives – in both English and French.

Stay in Control Of Your Order Fulfillment

Fulfilling your customers’ orders is an integral part of your business. You need to be informed and in control of your orders as if they were being filled on your premises. Precision offers services that keep you in touch and in control of your order fulfillment:

  • Have a question or need an update? Your calls are answered by a live person 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Around-the-clock online tracking means you can check your orders from your desktop whenever its most convenient
  • Comprehensive, customized reporting is available for inventory, back-orders, minimum levels, order status, forecasting, transactions, receipts, cost analysis and much more

Precision Total Fulfillment – it’s what we do … it’s who we are

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